What’s Amazing?

1. This album from P!NK (yes, THAT P!NK) and Dallas Green. It is truly a beautiful composition of relaxing and lovely music. You will love it. I promise.

2. Rounding out my Christmas shopping! With time to spare! Picking up these this weekend to put together a little gift for all my co-workers. I will be adding a tag that says, “Here’s to Soapin’ You Have A Merry Christmas.” Get it?! 😛

3. Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks. To. Die. For. I’m so over the peppermint mocha craze, I’m all about that chestnut now. Pay no attention to the calories. It’s the holidays, they don’t count, right?

4. This has to be my favorite perfume that I don’t even own. I can’t explain the scent but it sure is AMAZING. Head to your nearest Nordy’s and take a whiff. And then buy it. I dare you not to.

5. If you have lady in your life who’s as obsessed with Nordy’s as I am, then they need this. You’re welcome.


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