Get To Steppin, Girl.

photo 5

IU gear and Hunter Boots. Friday perfection!

I love a good boot. Especially when said boot comes in multiple, fun, colors and you can wear them rain or shine!

Enter Hunter Wellingtons. They are just SO FUN and fit the description above to a T.

I currently have a pair of the navy original matte ones that you can find HERE along with other colors like red, green and a fun bright blue.

'Original Tall' Rain Boot (Women)

While I love these boots for their versatility, I don’t love the white film the rubber gets when it’s exposed to air. The company calls it “blooming” and I quite frankly just don’t understand why the boot has to do it. The only thing I want blooming is pretty flowers.

Hunter also has a version of these boots in a “glossy” version that I would recommend over these. They stay at a perfect shine so you don’t have to keep up regular maintenance on your boots. I can be high maintenance, but my boots, no.

“Hey Brooke, what if I already have the matte boots and don’t want to buy the cleaner for them but hate the film they get?”

Great question! I’m here to help.

So you hate the “blooming” on your boots but you don’t want to spend $12 on the boot cleaner or you want a quick fix so you can wear your boots today?

If you have Crisco or olive oil in your kitchen at this very moment, you have your fixer! Yes, I said Crisco or olive oil. The very same kind you cook with.

photo 4

Take a cotton ball and dampen it with either one of the two liquids and buff your boot with it. Do it just enough until you see your boot starting to clean up a bit and start to have a shine to it. After, take a paper towel and just wipe your boot down so you don’t have any excess oil lingering on your boot. Your boots will look good as new! I promise.

Take a peek for yourself!

photo 1 photo 2 (2)

The boot on left  has been buffed with some good ol’ Crisco. And it shines like the top of the Empire State building! 🙂

I hope this helps and you can get to steppin’ in those pretty, shiny, yours!





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