No Starbucks?!

Doesn’t the thought of sunshine and a cold drink just make you melt in this winter weather? I mean, if you would throw me on a beach and put a pina colada in my hand, I would be the happiest beach bum you ever did see. I may even rub some sunblock on your back if you’re lucky and your middle name is Weldon. 😉

The thought of seeing the sun in 3o-some days has me loving life. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m off to Riveria Maya in a few weeks with the mister to soak in some overdue Newlywed time! The two of us on the beach, scantly clad in bathing suits and enjoying cocktail hour, every hour.. I can’t wait to see where this party of two ends up! Sorry. I’ll keep this PG.

Back to the vacay part. We decided to delay our honeymoon after our wedding in September. We wanted to be able to collect ourselves and our thoughts after all of that commotion. If we were smart, we would’ve booked a honeymoon for right after the big day to get away from everything for a week to de-stress, but apparently we really like our chaotic lifestyle and decided to wait until the dead of winter, when we’ve become so pale we look like we could be first cousins with Casper the Friendly Ghost, to hitch a flight to Cancun, Mexico! Arriba!

This will be my first time to visit Mexico and I cannot wait! Ryan (my little world traveler) has experienced this part of the world before so I hope he’s helpful with the culture shock I’m about to endure. By culture shock I mean the closest Starbucks is 23 minutes away, yes I Google Mapped it and yes, I do think that qualifies as a state of emergency.

No Starbucks on the premises, is this 1989?!

I think perhaps maybe the Starbucks situation is the least of my worries – I should be more concerned with my wardrobe.

I already have two pairs of J Crew chino shorts waiting for me under the tree.. I told Santa we were taking a late honeymoon and I told her that shorts are practical (Santa only buys “practical” gifts, so if you’re wondering, yes, I was probably adopted). I grabbed a pair of the Coral Haze and Festival Blue. I’m still debating as to whether or not I need want the white and black… And navy. #optionsarenice

Everyone keeps telling me not to worry about bringing too many clothes and just bring a lot of bathing suits… Well, funny story, I. Hate. Bathing. Suits. If you’re a busty girl like myself, you will know the pain I’m feeling. It is impossible to find a bikini top I actually feel comfortable in. Yes, I’m sure I could find some that work great if I lay absolutely still but if I make one wrong move, it is going to be Janet Jackson’s nipplegate circa 2004 at the Superbowl. Thanks, but no thanks.

Thankfully, the people at Athleta realized that women with chest sizes bigger than a C cup, enjoy cute suits and like to be able to breathe in them. They designed bathing suits that are nothing short of amazing. I received two tops and bottoms for my birthday this past October and I have fallen completely in love. THIS is the first top and I was a little weary to try a bandeau again (usually there’s not enough support for the girls and they end up just looking like smashed bananas) but when I tried it on, I instantly felt like a game of beach volleyball couldn’t take me down. BOOM. I was smiling from ear to ear. The second top is a halter bikini top, HERE. I’ve had problems with this style in the past, it usually just didn’t cover enough of my skin and a serious mishap couldn’t happen with something as simple as a sneeze, but by some wonderful Christmas birthday miracle, I was COVERED! Hallelujah!

The bottoms are just “meh.” Nothing to write home about. Now, these suits do run at a little bit higher price point than Target, (which is where I wish I could get my suits because they are so flipping cute and priced right!) so I do offer this piece of advice – If you find a cute solid color top (black is a good bet) from Athleta that you really enjoy, first of all, buy it and second, find a bottom to match at some place with less expensive bottoms (Target, Old Navy, etc). Unless of course you were also blessed with a booty. Then, God must really love you.            #luckyduck #Ihavenoadviceforyouinthatdepartment

Next up on the list will be cute sundresses that can double as a swimsuit cover-up, but I’m saving that for it’s very own post (it could get a little lengthy!)

Now it’s time to do some research and see if the Playa del Carmen Starbucks delivers to the resort. The resort did say it’s all-inclusive after all 😉


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