Soapin’ You Have A Merry Christmas

I know that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and if you need a small gift in a jiffy (this makes a wonderful hostess gift as well), I think I can help.

This past weekend Bath & Body Works was having a great sale on their hand soaps which my Mom and I use in our homes all the time. They normally run $6.50 but were on sale for $2.50!!  They smell great and they always have perfect seasonal scents to make your homes extra cozy. Right now my favorite is Winter Citrus Wreath. It makes me want to sing “DECK THE HALLS” every time I wash my hands. It really is that amazing. Really.

Winter Citrus Wreath Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

We both stocked up on soap and plan on giving them away as little gifts to our co-workers for Christmas. Of course Pinterest aided in this great gift-giving idea that is practical and useful (since my Mom only buys practical gifts). We made tags on the computer with the saying “Just soap’n you have a Merry Christmas.” Get it?! I soap you do. Hahaha I’m so funny.

We used the Cricut to cut them out in perfect circles and then stuck them to different sized green and red circles to add a bit of a Christmas touch to the look.

The green circles were cut out with a punch and then we used a hole punch to make a small hole so we could put a ribbon through them to fasten them to the bags. We wanted the tags to resemble an ornament and they kind of do, right? Just use your imagination!

photo 4

Different sized circles and my permanent bond glue runner from Hobby Lobby.


What the finished tag looks like after it’s been assembled.

After the tags have been all fastened together, we put each individual soap in a cellophane bag and took one of the tags and tied it on with a some festive ribbon from Jo Ann’s.



photo 4 (1)


The finished product is quite cute and easy to assemble and who can’t benefit from clean hands during cold and flu season? It’s as if it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Ha ha  🙂

Even if you don’t want to/don’t have time to make a tag, the soap would still be cute tied up in a cellophane bag and festive ribbon.

photo 2 (2)

This is great to give to a group of girlfriends, teachers, co-workers or hostesses, if you have a lot of gifts to give but you’re balling on a budget. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t use soap?!


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