Christmas by Design

Inslee - Weekend

Good morning babies! This was me pretty much all weekend. Laying around at home and drinking coffee. And I’m not too sorry about it. It felt great to be done Christmas shopping (and wrapping) before Christmas Eve. Although, I am still awaiting the arrival of a few more gifts; One for Ryan and a few more for myself… Merry Christmas? Most certainly.

This picture above is by an artist named Inslee Haynes. I discovered her on Instagram a few years back and I’ve been smitten with her ever since. She captures life on canvas so vividly with her watercolors and I just wish I had an ounce of her creativity and talent. Her fashion illustrations are so on point, not a detail is spared. Oh, to be an artist of her caliber..

I recently read that she can recreate a wedding picture of the bride and groom to create a watercolor portrait. Now I’m sure it would cost a pretty penny, but darling, if you’re reading this, I am willing to give up our first born for one these portraits. Just kidding… Kind of.

She doesn’t just do wedding portraits, she captures the most beautiful lifestyle paintings as well… Take a peek!

I take no shame in wishing I had the wardrobe of these ladies! No. Shame. Did you take a look at their outfits? The detail involved kills me. Uggggh! It’s every thing my small town lifestyle dreams of!

If you ever have a chance, do yourself a solid favor and check out her website HERE and get lost in her images!


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