Why Did We Do That?

Friday night Ryan and I got a little crazy. Real crazy.

We are 5 year olds when it comes to presents. We just can’t wait to give each other our gifts and therefore, we had our very own Christmas gift exchange complete with hot coco. It was a special moment and not exactly crazy. But, oh well. #wereoldandmarriednow

We surprisingly hung onto our gifts longer this year than usual (we actually got to wrapping them this year). What can we say, we’re kids at heart.

We tried really hard to wait until Christmas morning this year, but we just couldn’t. Our gifts were wrapped so we said, why not?!

When I got home from work on Friday, we ate a quick dinner, got washed up and in our comfy clothes and then we let the games begin!

They were over quickly after they began.. #welcometogrownuplife

photo 3 (1)

Friday December 19

Ryan did very, very, well this year (it pays to have your husband read your blog.. and to make Gift Guides 😉 ). I will surely say he spoiled me. And I loved every minute of it.

Ryan and I both conveniently gifted each other headphones (we are soul mates, after all). His are HERE and mine are HERE. Being the gym-rats that we are he is, we both reeeally couldn’t wait to go to the gym the next day to use them. We both loved them.

photo 5 (2)

Never saw myself as a Beats by Dre kind of gal, but now I am!

We also got a couple of other things for each other and while we both love to have new things and get gifts, we realize that the gifts are not what this time of year is about. This is the time we celebrate the birth of the newborn King and all of his blessings He has poured down on us. This time is about being present, not getting or giving them. Which I think we all get very caught up in.

On Christmas morning we won’t have any presents to open and we are thrilled about that. Christmas morning will be spent with each other in our tiny apartment, making breakfast and memories while drinking our coffee together watching a Christmas movie and talking with each other, which is the best gift of all. Being present.

I leave you with this post I found on Instagram this weekend. I love, love, love it! Exactly what this Christmas season is REALLY all about!

photo (3)


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