We’re Famous.. Kind Of.

Ryan and I are just shy of 3 months of marriage.. We made it! These past few months have truly been amazing. There is no one else I would rather do life with than him. He continues to be the most amazing husband a wife could ask for. In fact, if you beg to differ, right now he’s doing the dishes and later on later on he will be grocery shopping for me and hopefully putting on the kitchen drawer handles that have been floating around the apartment for the past 8 months.. He’s the best. And this is only month three. I can’t wait to see what 3 years brings. 🙂

In November, Ryan was approached by a guy he works with to see if his wife could do a piece on our wedding for a local Southeastern Wisconsin wedding magazine she works for and helped create. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity and said, HECK YES!

She contacted me saying that our wedding was so beautiful that she would love to do a piece on it.. I was flattered. A couple weeks later I got together with a reporter for an interview and a few weeks after that they published the magazine.

I was thinking they would just do a nice article on our wedding with a few of our pictures sprinkled in to visually appease the audience and it would be in the middle of the magazine somewhere beneath a billion advertisements.

I was wrong.

We were on the front cover!! Our wedding was the feature! I could hardly believe it! I was ecstatic to see my husband and I on the cover! Like, what?! This doesn’t happen in real life!! Oh, but it did!

To read the article, click HERE.

photo (4)

I’m truly grateful and flattered that one of our wedding guests thought of us to be featured for this magazine. Having a article written about our wedding was never in the back of my mind during the planning process but it just proves that all the hard work my Mom, Mother-in-Law and I put into this extremely special day paid off. God is extremely good and I am just so thankful we got the opportunity to do this!


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