What I’m Loving Wednesday

You’re not seeing things, I have two posts today.

How did you manage to get so lucky? ; )

THIS article from The Every Girl… Talk about tenacious.

The last thing on mind right now should be summer footwear (considering Weather.com says it feels like -27 degrees and I’m wearing two pairs of socks), but I just couldn’t help but want a pair of THESE in every color.

I just re-discovered THIS in my makeup stash, I think I’ll be exploring the shelves of Ulta this weekend for more.

It is taking a lot of self-restraint to not order THIS dress for vacation. I mean, imagine it for a night out to dinner at the resort when it’s a joyous 80 degrees.. But let’s be real, the girls would not fit into it. Dreams crushed. Thanks a lot, Nordstrom. 😦

One last thing, I’m officially Gold Card Status at Starbucks. I must say, I’m way more excited to know that I spent WAAAAY too much money on coffee than I should be in order to get here, but I worked exceptionally hard paid a lot of money for this puppy and I’m going to bask in the light for as long as my little heart desires.



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