A Case of the Mondays…

Coffee Cupcakes Mondays

Bleh. Monday. Last week I was so happy for it, today, I just want it to be Friday. Because Friday means vacation. I’m kind of in the middle of a nervous breakdown-meets anxiety attack-meets excitement overload. Got all that? Good. Moving along now..

I’m the type of a person that freaks out about packing. I over pack yet still can’t find a thing to wear or I’m in constant fear that I’m going to leave something at home and I’ll be stuck in a third world country (not that Mexico is a third world country, I don’t think…) without the necessary items I need to go on living an ordinary life. A bit dramatic, no? After I’ve been writing packing lists for the past three months I should be properly packed for the upcoming trip. False. I will go back and back again to make sure I have everything. Why am I such a nut? Then there’s the excitement about being on a warm beach somewhere with my best friend which has me all sorts of giddy. But do I have the proper clothing, footwear, and makeup to enjoy myself? Ugh. Why can’t I just look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and look like a million bucks in a bikini? That would make life easy. I could probably just take every thing I need in a backpack and call it a day. Well, I’m Brooke Retherford and I didn’t get that lucky. It actually takes work to look decent. I come with a lot of baggage luggage.

Today’s post really is just that. I totally could’ve summed this up by saying “I’m an over packer and afraid of not having a blow dryer that works in Mexico.”


But that’s too boring, I thought I’d reveal the crazy. ; )

Also, this post was supposed to be about juicing… Is it Friday yet?


One thought on “A Case of the Mondays…

  1. Alexandra Bee Blog says:

    Love that last image…Mondays are definitely crocs! I’ve definitely gotten better at packing over the year, but always, always overpack still! It is hard, especially, because you don’t know what mood you’ll be in while on a trip. I like to have options! Just found your blog via The Portuguese Prepster, stop by mine and say hi sometime!


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