Travel Bug

It is no secret that Ryan and I enjoy a good vacation. Any chance we can get away, we pretty much jump at the opportunity. We were talking the other day about how we make such a good team as travelers. It may sound cheesy, but being with a person non-stop for 7+ days in a hotel room can really start to get at your nerves. In fact, if you plan on marrying someone, I would advise to take a week long vacation with your significant other to see if it will work out or not. You are really pushing the limits with complete togetherness. And I mean complete. You fly next to that person (travel days can be long and irritating), you eat every meal with them, you share the bathroom and the same bed, tv, and space for a week. There’s really no alone time. You will quickly see if your relationship will sink or swim. Ours obviously swam.

Being the good travel team we are, I started thinking of all the other places I would love to visit with my amazing husband. In other terms, we better get to saving.

Los Cabos, Mexico – Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

I would love to visit the Pacific side of Mexico and Cabos seems the perfect place to do just that. The reason I picked the Secrets resort is because it is ADULTS ONLY! All the rooms are suites and there isn’t a bad seat in the house resort.

St.Lucia, UVF – Jade Moutain

Oyyyy. St. Lucia is on my bucket list. It’s so beautiful and well, what else needs to be said about it? I was really pressing the issue to go here for our honeymoon, the cost is a little out of our price range right now, so until we can travel here, I’ll just continue to drool over the pictures.

Savannah, Georgia – Hamilton Turner Inn

Historic Savannah and Your BluegreenTimeshare Vacation

Bringing it back to the U.S. now, Savannah has been on my list since Ryan told me how beautiful it was when we first started dating. He went there for a wedding and I can only being to imagine how gorgeous that was. I love the history and charm that this place eludes. It would look as if I stepped into the movie ‘Gone With The Wind,’ and what girl wouldn’t want that? If we went, I would make us stay HERE. Magnolias and live oaks on the square, it’s like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Where can I sign up?

Austin, Texas – Hotel Ella

YeeHaw! Time for cowboy boots, tunes and BBQ! I have a strange love affair with Texas. I feel like that’s where I belong. I’ve also never been there except for a layover in Dallas, if that counts. So, yeah, strange it is. Austin is big city looks with a small town feel, so I’m told. It also ranks as the number one city with the best people, according to personalities and attributes as citizens. Now that sounds like a lovely place to visit, right? Oh, and that store front, it’s Kendra Scott. Austin is where it all started for the young jewelry designer. So clearly, we will be visiting her flagship store.

Clink on the link above for Hotel Ella. It looks like an old mansion from the outside (which it was at one time), but as soon you step in, it’s a world of difference! It is now one of Austin’s boutique hotels. I’m literally scratching my eyes out to visit. In 1925, it’s original owner had it decorated by Stanly Marcus of the now famous, Neiman Marcus. Since then it’s been used as university housing and a rehabilitation center in years past. In 2013 it went under a multi-million dollar renovation and is now known as Hotel Ella.

All this talk of travel has me worn out. These are definitely not all of the places I want to visit, just a few that I’d like to get sooner than later. I’m sure there will be another installment of Travel Bug later on in this blogs life, but for now, this little gal is tired just thinking of all the places I need to go!

Where would you go if your bank account and job didn’t interfere?


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