February Goals


1. Make 2 meals a week – I know this may come as a huge shock to you all, but I am by zero means Betty Crocker when it comes to the kitchen. In fact, I can count how many times I made dinner in the month of January. Hold up your pointer on one hand. Yep, once. Unless you count Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, then hold up your pointer finger and your middle finger.

My husband is undoubtedly shaking his head right now. I guess I won’t be in the running for Wife of the Year for 2015.

This month my goal is to make 2 meals a week. One in the crockpot (typically on Sundays) and one during the week. That sounds easy enough, right? I just have to start being more ‘organized’ when it comes to visiting the grocery stores. It’s something I struggle with. I am always forgetting at least one ingredient for my recipes.

Hunny, here’s to never going hungry in February!

2. Read 2 new books – I’m a lover of words (weird I started a blog, huh?). I love the written road and I may love reading it even more than writing it. I go into these funks where I don’t pick up a book for a while and then other times it’s one book after the other. I would like to keep a steady rotation of books in the mix for this month.

Last month (thanks to the honeymoon), I was able to finish two really, really, good books. One was What Alice Forgot and the other was The Best Yes – both were recommended from Shay and I must say that I will have to start taking more suggestions from her. These were both great, quick reads and I can’t wait to get my hands on more.

3. Print honeymoon pictures – Well, this is a no brainer. Printing off pictures means I get to go ahead and Project Life my honeymoon!! Easy as that, my friends.

4. Get back in the gym – This is a love/hate thing. I love the results, hate going to the gym. It’s not even that I hate working out, because I like it, it’s the struggle of making the effort to get in my car at 5 am when it’s freezing and my car needs to be scrapped off from the frost and then I have to brush my teeth (ugh!). Why go through all that trouble when my bed is warm and I’m snug as bug? Oh, that’s right, swimsuit season is just around the corner.

You know what they say…

5. Cut back on soda – I’m a total carbonation lover. I love, love, love the taste of the fizz, bubbles and cola throughout the day. I know how bad soda is for me, but it’s so hard to resist the urge of that ice cold Diet Coke when it’s 2 pm and I hit a wall and just want to take a nap. My favorite pick me up is a Diet Coke and I probably consume about 3 a day on average. That number needs to be cut back to one zero. STAT.


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