The Lob – Revisted

I told you all about my hair inspiration HERE and today I’m going to tell you what went down on Saturday morning at the salon.

Well, I did it! I chopped off 7 1/2 inches of hair on Saturday morning and I don’t regret my decision… Yet.


This was me Saturday morning before my hair appointment. Long hair with beautiful dry ends and a brassy tone (thanks to the well water). Gotta love country living.

Hair Salon E Card

And this how I felt after the appointment… Haha, don’t we all feel this way after a good cut and color? Heeeey, girl, heeeeyy!


I’m so in love with my new hair! It seems to have so much more ‘life’ to it. It’s takes about 30 minutes longer to do in the morning, but hey, cute hair days are worth the extra time. #icutittocutbackonstyling #ilostthatwar

I got my hair-spiration from Kim Jacobson at Kensignton Way.. She clearly knows how to rock the bob.


On Sunday for church, I tried it straight and still love it and it turns out, so does my little big lumberjack, Ryan.

Hip, hip, HAIR-AY!


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