Bedroom Re-Do

Thanks to Pinterest and my wildly un-decisive brain, I think I have mentally redone every room in our apartment at least ten times. Although we’re working with a small space and we have yet to find a forever home, it’s still important to make this place seem cozy and homey.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing white and cream rooms all over Pinterest and I have quite the thirst to re-do our bedroom. I’m completely smitten with this one that has gold accents….  Are you drooling? It’s so ocean-side chic. In my opinion, it just needs a fiddle leaf fig in the corner to add some life.

How could you not get a good nights sleep in a room that looks like heaven? Sigh. I need this in my life.

I’m especially loving the gold starburst mirror. I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE! I think it’s time I commit to one right after I finish my gallery wall that’s in the works.

All white bedding reminds me a luxury hotel on the ocean front and quite frankly, who wouldn’t want that? The gold accents warm up the room and the cream offers a little variation of warmth apart from the cool, white linens.

Get the Look //


1. Duvet from Target – Since it’s white, you probably don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that can easily be stained. Stick with something from Target that’s affordable that you won’t be crushed to know it was ruined just because you got lazy and forgot to wash off your makeup one night.

2. Gold Star Mirror @ Hobby Lobby – Although it’s not identical, I feel like this mirror may be able to stand the test of time longer than the star burst one we’re seeing everywhere.

3. Cream Ruffle Pillow – We have this little guy in blue and I love how it adds a bit of texture and femininity to the room. I’d love to see this with a few variations of other throw pillows on the bed.

4. Arhaus Chairs – Two of these chairs in front of a large window with a nice flower arrangement and a stack of books set a top a small table is the perfect place to sit and read or drink your morning coffee.

5. Lamps – I have had my eye on these lamps since we were doing our wedding registry… Sigh. They didn’t make it in our wedding haul but I’ve been smitten with them ever since. Pop one of these on your bedside tables with a cream lame shade to add some juzz.

6. Throw – Every bed needs a proper throw at the footboard just in case you need an extra layer at night Or you want to take a nap without disturbing your nicely made bed.

7. Gold Pillows – We have these on our couch right now and I must say they had a whole another layer to our living room that I love. I would definitely like to see them sitting in the two Arhaus chairs above.

8. Paint @ Home Depot – Jeff Lewis can do no wrong in my eyes. I love his designs and his paint has hit a homerun. This color is PERFECT for achieving that white but not too white look. Love it!

And of course, my favorite tree (plant?) of all time… The fiddle leaf fig.


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