Honeymoon Part 2: The Fancy Camera Edition

Ahhhh, what a perfect time to do part two of the honeymoon pics. I say it’s the perfect time because I’m bitter about my current location. It’s -5 degrees outside, the wind is so fierce it’s making my windows rattle and the fact that my tan is now back to my normal, albino self, I’d say I’m ready to go back. Anyone else with me? Great, I’m available to leave after 4:30 pm today.

You can check out Part One HERE.

Now, grab a pina colada and follow along as I take a mental trip back to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Someone cue the heat lamps, por favor.


Life essentials. Sunnies and drinkys.


Just us being the nauseatingly, adorable newlywed couple taking lame pictures of our toes covered in sand.



Care for a diving adventure, anyone?


The fun little hammock section of the beach. Which reminds me, I never got to hang out in one of those. Whelp, looks like we have to go back.


Pina Coladas, is there anything else?


My favorite little bed to nap and read in.


He may or may not have drank more espresso on this trip than alcohol.


Catamaran couples time!


Catching rays in his Sriracha cut off because what else would you wear in Mexico?


I wasn’t kidding when I said we drank a lot of espresso.


Pretty turquoise waters.


❤ the Mrs.


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