Friday Favorites

There is a new blog name in town, Mint & Mason! It came about when I realized that my previous name was just way too long and quite un-relevant to anything I was really talking about. I decided to do something shorter and a bit catchier. I also decided that if I ever opened a store, Mint & Mason would totally be the name of it. Mint is my favorite color – it was my wedding color and I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to All Things Mint-y. And well, Mason because how adorable are mason jars? I honestly can’t get enough of them and they may be on their way out the trend door but I refuse to give up on them. So, unto us, Mint & Mason was born!

Although the name change is currently a Friday Favorite, I do have a few more things to tell you about…

Essie Sugar Daddy


I paint my nails about twice a week. I’m not one for chips or dull shine so I’m always proactive about making time to do my nails (if only I was that way for the gym!). It seems as if every time I step into Ulta, two more bottles of Essie nail polish seem to follow me home. It’s soooo weird how that happens! A few trips ago I picked up Sugar Daddy (very similar to OPI Bubble Bath) and I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It’s the perfect polish to look like your natural nail with just a bit of extra shine. I love it.


Since it’s a numbing, negative 10 degrees outside, I have only one thing on my mind. SUMMER. Since it doesn’t seem to be making it’s way to me any time soon, I decided looking at sandals would make me happier. And it did. I found these on and I had to have them.


I talked a bit about them before HERE but I just got my first check in the mail from them, which means A) it’s a legit company and B) I just got paid to shop. Like what? And C) I have more money to shop now. It’s like the circle of life.

This may be the worlds most un-eventful Friday Favorite and for that I do apologize. I’m putting together a few things this weekend for next week so be sure to check back!

❤ B


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