Bobbi Brown SALE

Right now, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is having a great sale, and by great, I mean 20% off – no code needed! Which is rare and amazing all at the same time. We all know cosmetics hardly ever go on sale, so this is great time to take advantage of one of my favorite makeup brands. It makes it very hard to practice self-restraint and not go nuts-o and buy everything my little heart desires. And if the 20% off isn’t great, just go ahead and add the 8% cash back you can get through Ebates. Yeah, that’s a mega-steal in my great, big, book of secrets.

I talked about Ebates HERE, if you care to find out the easiest way to get CASH BACK just from shopping online. You are so very welcome.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.. As in, what you should definitely get during this amazing sale!

Creamy Concealer Kit

I love my Creamy Concealer. It covers up the darkness from my undereye and has a setting powder to make sure it lasts all day. Bing, bang, boom. Must have!


My makeup is only complete after I apply my favorite blush, Pale Pink. It looks a bit really scary in the pan but it gives the best tint to your cheeks that makes you look alive and healthy. Trust me, I wear it every day and I love it!

Bronzing Powder

Now that summer is fast-approaching, every gal needs a bronzer in her makeup bag. Like THIS one. Without a doubt, you will love this. It gives the perfect color to any skin tone -tan or pale- and just gives your face a beautiful, natural glow, without looking ‘muddy.’ It comes in multiple shades but I like to use the shade Medium.

Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Ah, my friends, this Cream Shadow in Stone is a one-stop-shop. There are days when this is all I wear on my eyelids with some mascara and my look is complete for the day. These are also the days when my husband compliments me on how beautiful I look that day. If that isn’t enough convincing for you to buy it, I don’t know what is. Easy peasy makeup look!

Warm Glow Eye Palette

Another great choice for your eyes, would be this Limited Edition Pallet with matte and shimmer shades.  You get nine beautiful choices in this pallet and it makes it so easy for traveling. Bring this and you’re all set!

Creamy Lip Color

I’m a self-proclaimed lipstick junky. Buying a new lipstick or lipgloss is how I get my fix. Which means it’s safe to say I have bought a Bobbi Brown lip product a time or two and I’m completely in love with Pale Mauve in the Creamy Lip Color collection. It is just… yummy. It’s the perfect natural-nude with a hint of pink. Perfect to just throw on for an effortless look if you just want something creamy and moisturizing on your lips.

Bronzer Brush

Last, and definitely not least, is one, amazing, brush. I’m a firm believer that having good brushes is the secret to getting your best makeup look. You can have the most expensive, top rated blush on the planet, but without a great brush, you won’t get the full effect. This is definitely true with eye shadow brushes, but I’ll save that for another post. The reason I love this brush is because it applies bronzer perfectly! It doesn’t pack it on in one place and leave you with a muddy looking streak, it spreads it out evenly and fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks creating a beautiful contour. If you get one thing during this sale, make sure it’s this brush.

This is such a great sale. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the email in my inbox. And don’t forget, with Ebates, it’s basically like 28% off… Sorry, that’s my girl logic! 🙂


Fan Girl

I’ll be the first to admit that I love to buy pretty jewelry and then hardly ever wear it. I guess I just like the way it looks in my jewelry box. And if I would ever need a item for an occasion…. I have one on backup. But knowing me, I’ll probably go out and buy a new item anyway. Because, that’s how my Mom raised me whether she likes to admit it or not.

I’m really trying to make an effort to put my gems to good use. I always wear earrings ( I look like a boy without) and lately I’ve been rocking the necklaces and that just makes me want to celebrate this effort by buying more.. Clearly, you see a pattern here. Lucky for me, J. Crew Factory has all of their beautiful pieces 60% off. And the best part, they are made with outstanding quality! Not to mention, look great layered.


Kate Spade Initial Necklace

J. Crew Factory Necklace (not sold anymore, find some that are below)

Factory golden spear necklace

Golden Spear Necklace $26.50

Factory golden tortoise pendant necklace

Gold Tortoise Pendant Necklace $14.00

Factory turquoise cutout necklace

Turquoise Cutout Necklace $23.50

Factory gemstone rope necklace

Gemstone Rope Necklace $24.00

Factory golden latch bracelet

Golden Latch Bracelet $10.50

Factory golden gemstone cuff bracelet

Golden Gemstone Cuff Bracelet $13.50

Factory golden zigzag cuff bracelet

Golden Zigzag Cuff Bracelet $14.50

Factory geometric stone earrings

Geometric Stone Earrings $13.00

Factory stacked stone earrings

Stacked Stone Earrings $9.50

Factory golden geometric earrings

Golden Geometric Earrings $10.50

The prices on these jewels are SO hard to beat, especially since I know they are made from quality materials. It’s taking every once to channel my self-control and not go nuts and buy everything. Agh, seriously! This is why a lady needs a clothing allowance.

To see all the items in the jewelry sale, click HERE.

Give Me All The Colors

Ah, my favorite 4-letter word; sale. That has got to be music to every girls ears. Especially if it comes after the words “Kendra Scott.” That’s right ladies, Nordstrom is price matching which means, you can get your Kendra Scott fix on and not feel too bad about it!

We all know and love the KS brand but it does seem to come at price, which is why it’s so hard to not go and buy 4 different pairs of earrings when they’re 25% off. But if I had to choose… I would pick the following items because they’re fun and perfect for the summer AND versatile.


Pink Danielle Earrings : I love these earrings! I have a pair in turquoise that Ryan got me for my birthday and they immediately take an outfit from just so-so, to, so amazing. Really, you could them in any color and you’d love them. It’s going to be hard to just pick one color to get. Find them all HERE.

Peach Rayne Necklace : I’ve been eyeing up this necklace for quite some time now… Both Shay Shull and Pinterest Told Me To, sold me on it the first time they wore it. It was love at first sight and I desperately need one. It adds some umph to a plain old t-shirt and jeans. Easy peasy, that’s my kind of style. Check out the other colors HERE.

Turquoise Alex Drop Earrings : I am without a doubt a lover of all things turquoise. It is SUCH a pretty color and it reminds me of one of my trips to Colorado as a little girl and I got to pick out my first turquoise ring. It was a little blue heart on a plain silver band. I still have it. J I love the different shape of these and the gold detail instead of silver. To see all the different colors offered, click HERE.

For all Kendra Scott sale items, click HERE.

Now, off to convince the husband that I do indeed need more jewels. Wish me luck! 🙂