Friday, Friday!

I surely couldn’t leave you all hanging for Friday Favorites, so I am faithfully here to give you what I got! NUMBER ONE // This may be a silly one and not at all interesting to most of you, but I am SO happy to say that my wedding rings (and engagement ring) are all paid off! I have great expensive taste and I of course had to have the band that goes on both sides of my engagement ring with diamonds all around it. Because, BLING. Every girl wants to be able to look down at that sparkler and think, “damn, my man did good.” It doesn’t hurt to receive compliments daily from people saying they like my ring either. Eeeeek and now it’s MINE forever and ever. Amen. Along with my husband. Of course.


I’ve been using this polish for about a year now and I am just as surprised as you are that I haven’t told you all about it yet. It is pretty much a gel manicure that you do yourself WITHOUT a light. It dries fast, looks supah shiny and lasts for at least 5 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how rough you are on your digits. The company claims it actually gets more durable as it wears verse normal nail polish which actually breaks down with wear. I will say one thing, it does last awhile!

I know it’s available at Ulta and of course on Amazon. Just be sure to pick up the top coat as well because that is what makes the magic happen! Also, no base coat needed, just a Vinylux color and the Weekly Top Coat! Simple as pie and you will love the results!

Pssssssttt…. It’s what I’m wearing in my ring pic!

NUMBER THREE // Shells and Cheese

And you thought the first favorite of the week was random?…. During a peruse through Costco (which is starting to be a close second to my beloved Target), I came across some organic shells and cheese from back to nature. I figured if I’m going to indulge in this tasty stuff, why not be somewhat healthy about it and crossed my fingers that it didn’t taste like cardboard. Boy, am I glad I crossed my fingers – this stuff was insanely GOOD.  So good, that I think you all should try it. Sorry if I’m being bossy, but you can thank me later.

NUMBER FOUR // Gold & Green

I may be from Wisconsin, but I ain’t talking about dem Packers. I’m talking about military green paired with gold accessories.

I picked up this insanely, ordinary v-neck t-shirt from Target for a whopping $5 and layered on some gold necklaces in various lengths and instantly loved my outfit.

I’m wearing it here with my Kate Spade initial necklace from my MIL (hi Cathy!) and my cross necklace from Etsy from a million years ago, along with a long, gold necklace from H&M. I just threw on some skinny jeans, OTK boots and a gray cardigan and called it a fashionable, laid back day. To which I was so very proud because looky here! I am right on trend!!

 NUMBER FIVE // Can the fact that it’s Friday be a favorite? All I can do is clap my hands and rejoice for the fact that tomorrow is Saturday and I have a date night planned with my husband that may or may not include my parents. Because nothing says romance like sharing a meal with your parents, right?

I hope you all have a happy and lovely weekend. It is very much needed!

❤ B


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