Old Navy

It’s been so long, I’m not even sure where to start! There’s not much catching up to do, my weeks usually go something like this; work, gym (sometimes), home, dinner, sleep and repeat for 5 days and then weekends are usually sleep, sleep, sleep, gym (sometimes), sleep and throw in a Real Housewives of wherever marathon in there. Yep, that’s pretty much been life lately. Are you jealous?

I’ve also been very, very good about keeping a close eye on my spending which is definitely unlike me. I don’t know if it’s because I hate most of everything that is out right now or because I’ve finally grown tired of buying clothes. I’m going to go with scenario A because if it’s the latter, somebody better call a doctor.

Of course I haven’t been perfect, I did manage to find some new workout clothes from Old Navy this morning for when I actually do hit the gym. They were 30% (no code needed!) off and then there was 4% cash back from Ebates. Since my Lululemon capris were starting to become a bit too sheer in certain areas, I figured I was only doing myself and everyone at the gym a huge favor.

Women's Old Navy Active Ruched-Side Tees

Active Ruched-Side Tee

Women's Old Navy Active Performance Tops

Active Performance Top

Women's Old Navy Active High-Waist Compression Capris

Active High Waist Compression Capris

If workout clothes aren’t your thing right now, Old Navy does have some great spring and summer items out now too! Their whole site is 30% off  today only and no code is needed! Happy shopping!



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