Foundation Challenge


A Foundation Review – This will be a lengthy post, but it sure is thorough!

As much as I love makeup products, I really, really struggle with finding a great, holy grail, foundation. I have a few many requirements when it comes to a good foundation which is, without a doubt, what makes this whole process a daunting task. In fact, I’m pretty sure when the gals in Ulta see me walk in, they cringe. Here’s why:

  1. I need something that’s full coverage enough to hide my acne scars and other blemishes
  2. I want it to look like my own skin, but better
  3. Yes, I do want to look FLAWLESS
  4. I want it to feel light, I hate feeling like I have makeup on
  5. It needs to stay matte throughout the day and I would prefer not have to touch it up
  6. This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, it can’t break me out, duh
  7. It can not have pink undertones – no, no, no! Gold undertones are the most natural – no one has pink skin (unless they’re sporting a pretty, little, sunburn)
  8. It has to work well with my oily skin – no slipping and sliding off my face by noon, please
  9. Dewy and luminous? No thanks – that just screams SHINY GREASE face to me
  10. I prefer liquid over powder during the winter months because even though I have oily skin, my nose gets dry and flaky (cute, right?) from the cold
  11. It also can’t separate – I seem to have that problem with a lot of foundations where it starts to break up and look like individual scales on my face – which is soooo cute

Can you see why the lovely girls at Ulta go running for cover when they see my Jetta pull into the parking lot? I’m very needy in this department and in the past, I’m been hard to please.

That is until recently when I came across Tarte’s new Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation – thanks to the help from one of the brave souls at Ulta who was up for the foundation challenge.

She walked me over the Tarte section and at first I was very hesitant, I haven’t heard much buzz about their foundations but she told me this is what she wearing (which was a good sign because her skin looked great). She sat me down and colored matched me to Fairly Light Beige.

After a whole week of wear, I think I feel qualified enough to give you my full, honest review of this product. Now let’s hit it!

  1. Coverage? – Medium to full – It’s by no means sheer. You may need some extra help from a concealer if you have extra blemishes to hide.
  2. My skin but better? Yes, for the first couple of hours or so.
  3. Flawless? It’s not Beyonce flawless, but it’s close.
  4. How does it feel? It feels great! It’s very light and it doesn’t feel like I have makeup on. A total score! Plus, it has pretty great coverage for not feeling heavy.
  5. Does it stay matte? Well, sadly, no. After 5.5 hours, a touch up with powder is needed. It tends to get pretty shiny all over.
  6. Any zits on the horizon? Nope! After a week I haven’t noticed any new ruptures on the face. Two thumbs up.
  7. Does this foundation make my face look pink? No. It’s a very good match for my skin with a golden-yellowy color. Which is one of my requirements so… PASS!
  8. Slip and slide? Yes and no. It seemed to last a good while on the face except for in my mouth and nose area. I partly blame cold and flu season for that due to the fact that I’m blowing my nose every 2 minutes. It stayed on in other parts of my face just fine.
  9. Dewy and luminous? After 5.5 hours of wear, there were some areas that need some powder in order to maintain a matte look.
  10. Liquid or powder? Liquid.
  11. Did it separate? I’m happy to report that it stayed in place all day without the creepy, weird, scaley-skin look (minus the places where I have this insanely attractive dry skin patch).

Final thoughts:  I give this foundation a 7/10 (I’m not counting number 10 as an actual requirement, it’s just a personal preference).

I think this foundation has great coverage for feeling so light on the skin. It comes in 25 colors so you’ll be in good company while trying to match your skin. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the holy grail foundation I’m looking for but there are a few things I love about this brand in general. Tarte is one of the few cosmetic companies that don’t formulate their products with controversial ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, gluten and sulfates. You can rest assured that what you put on your face is not going to harm it but in fact help it. The Amazonian Clay foundation is fit for every skin type whether you’re dry, oily or combination. The skin-smart Amazonian clay will adjust to meet your skins needs while providing a full coverage foundation with a weight-less feel.

Who would I recommend this product to? Anyone who wants a medium to full coverage foundation sans the chemicals and harmful ingredients and enjoys a light weight feel and doesn’t mind the occasional touch up throughout the day.


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