Sunless Sun-Tan

With the hopes of warmer weather soon to come (hopefully!), you can bet on showing a little more skin than you have the last couple of months. Well, girls, it’s time to shed that winter pale for something a bit more bronzed and beautiful!

Today I’m showing you my favorite sunless tanners to beat the paleness, the healthy way.

St. Tropez

One of my trusted standby’s is always St. Tropez bronzing mousse. It gives the most believable color from a bottle and when I’m wearing it people compliment me on how tan I look, not how orange. Which is always a good thing.

I wore this for my cousins wedding and I remember people asking me where I went tanning.. I said St Tropez as a joke and they actually believed I was just on vacation.. Don’t worry, I cleared it up and told them it was from a bottle and I don’t think they quite believed me as much… (I also got one of the other bridesmaids hooked on the product, we both still use it to this day.)

The best way to apply this is on clean, exfoliated skin and with a mitt! The mitt is half the reason this stuff works so well.  Just pump a dollop on your mitt and work your way up from your feet in circular motions. It will take a few hours to reach its maximum color pay off and you will love it! I promise!

Jergens Natural Glow

Another product that I’ve recently started purchasing again is the Jergens Natural Glow daily body lotion. You apply this just like you would a normal lotion after you shower and in a few days you will notice a subtle, darker complexion. It won’t be a “I just got back from the islands” tan, but it will definitely give you a healthy, glow.

Fake Bake

Ok, I absolutely LOVE this product. It gives the best, best, best dark, olive tan color. But, the application process is such a PAIN. It comes in a plastic bottle, much like your grandma’s White Rain hair spray would, and it spray’s… It sprays little droplets of brown all over your body and you rub it in with a mitt.. Tell me that’s not a cause for disaster. I’ve ruined plenty of bathroom rugs with this stuff. If this was in mousse form, it would be a hit! I guess I just put up with the annoying application process because the color is just too good! If you don’t mind a bit of a mess during the application process, then you will love this fake tanner!


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