Fan Girl

I’ll be the first to admit that I love to buy pretty jewelry and then hardly ever wear it. I guess I just like the way it looks in my jewelry box. And if I would ever need a item for an occasion…. I have one on backup. But knowing me, I’ll probably go out and buy a new item anyway. Because, that’s how my Mom raised me whether she likes to admit it or not.

I’m really trying to make an effort to put my gems to good use. I always wear earrings ( I look like a boy without) and lately I’ve been rocking the necklaces and that just makes me want to celebrate this effort by buying more.. Clearly, you see a pattern here. Lucky for me, J. Crew Factory has all of their beautiful pieces 60% off. And the best part, they are made with outstanding quality! Not to mention, look great layered.


Kate Spade Initial Necklace

J. Crew Factory Necklace (not sold anymore, find some that are below)

Factory golden spear necklace

Golden Spear Necklace $26.50

Factory golden tortoise pendant necklace

Gold Tortoise Pendant Necklace $14.00

Factory turquoise cutout necklace

Turquoise Cutout Necklace $23.50

Factory gemstone rope necklace

Gemstone Rope Necklace $24.00

Factory golden latch bracelet

Golden Latch Bracelet $10.50

Factory golden gemstone cuff bracelet

Golden Gemstone Cuff Bracelet $13.50

Factory golden zigzag cuff bracelet

Golden Zigzag Cuff Bracelet $14.50

Factory geometric stone earrings

Geometric Stone Earrings $13.00

Factory stacked stone earrings

Stacked Stone Earrings $9.50

Factory golden geometric earrings

Golden Geometric Earrings $10.50

The prices on these jewels are SO hard to beat, especially since I know they are made from quality materials. It’s taking every once to channel my self-control and not go nuts and buy everything. Agh, seriously! This is why a lady needs a clothing allowance.

To see all the items in the jewelry sale, click HERE.


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