Weekend Scenes 

This weekend was more or less of the same… A of lot sitting around and relaxing with minimum plans. Sometimes, no commitments or plans are the best kind of weekends. But usually, by noon on Sunday, I’m itching for something to do!

I started reading a new book I’ve been wanting to get my hands on since February! Girl on the Train is supposed to be reminiscent of Gone Girl and I loved that book so much, that I really hope this book doesn’t disappoint. So far, it’s been interesting and I keep finding myself going back to read more.

In other news, I finished What She Left Behind. I really enjoyed this book and loved the suspense that was written into every page. I felt like I really could understand the sadness that the characters were each facing so well that I was brought to tears a few times. While other parts of the book had my blood boiling! Definitely a good, fast read if you’re looking for something.

Saturday afternoon it was warm enough for a cook out! We spent a few hours at a friends house enjoying some cocktails and steaks… Which ended up giving Ryan and I both food poisoning. We were complete messes come midnight on Saturday and it wasn’t from the alcohol. We each averaged two drinks which is not enough to make us feel as bad as we did. It had to be the steak we both consumed. Yuck!

This picture was taken on our way to the cook out… When I was still feeling good with my Red Bull and reacquainting myself with Snapchat. It’s been kind of an addiction lately.

I went to Target Saturday afternoon and since I’m on a No Buy April (not allowing myself  to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc), I figured I could treat myself to a new candle. I love the Caldrea line and the Herbs of Provence scent is my favorite!! It’s so fresh and garden-like. I love it so much I even had to buy the soap that goes along with it. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe me at this point.

Sunday afternoon after we both felt better, I decided my toes were in some serious need of a little TLC that I whipped out my CND Vinylux in Lobster Roll and painted my tootsie the perfect shade of coral for spring. It was even nice enough to do a little weed pulling barefoot in the yard! This lady cannot wait for summer!

I ended my weekend by watching the Masters. A perfect way to end the relaxing weekend. And ps I totally cried watching Jordan Spieth give his grandfather a hug.  And all his other people. What a perfect person to win!! So young and humble.

Well, that was my weekend. Definitely not one for the books but it wasn’t the worst! 🙂

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