Lilly Pulitzer for Target


As most of you know, on Sunday morning, Target debuted the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.. Let me just say, if you weren’t in line by 7 AM where I live, you weren’t getting nothin’.

There were about 20 people in line with my friend Lizzie and I waiting for the kingdom to open the doors… We were number 2 in line and boy am I glad she dragged my butt out of bed early. If I would’ve went at 8 AM like I anticipated, there would’ve been nothing left. All the racks with were stripped within 2 minutes. No. Joke. It was a preppy, white-girls version of Black Friday. We grabbed whatever we could find in our sizes and shoved them into our cart until it was full. It was brimming with shift dresses and colorful jumpsuits, headbands and beach totes to boot. It was quite a thrill. Safe to say, I needn’t any coffee yesterday morning. Just give me Lilly and we’re good.

We met a few super nice ladies along our Lilly journey. We did some bartering for pieces and did a number of trades with them. Thankfully, most of the women were extremely civil which was in our favor. And their’s since we were one of the first people in line… We got the goods, y’all.

What we scored:

The most colorful cart I  ever did see… Of the contents, there were…

(In the middle of writing this post, the Target site crashed so some items are not linked, but I guess that’s ok  because it’s sold out everywhere! Things are going for triple the original price on eBay!!)



Boom Boom Pouf


Toddler Sea Urchin For You Shift


Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit


Upstream Shift


Eyelet Shorts


16930728 16930749

Boom Boom Palazzo Pant



See Ya Later Shift

16856720 headband headband1


And these are the items I came home with. 2 shift dresses, 1 jumpsuit (that I’m returning) and a toddler shift dress for Scout. Oh, and a headband.

Here’s what Lizzie came out with…


Well, that was intense for a Sunday morning. I think it’s time for nap.

Let me know what you guys scored! I’d love to know!

xo B


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