Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today is just going to be a boring, short post on some scenes from my weekend. While they may seem miniscule in the grand scheme of things, it is the little things that make me happy…

Like finishing one of the greatest books I’ve ever read..


 Or a glass of wine with a good friend after a  yoga class on Friday night…


Getting my hair done on a Saturday morning… With an iced chai tea from Starbucks… And looking super cute with annoying duck lips.. Sorry about that.



Catching up on the things I want to get from the Lilly for Target collection while waiting on the hair… Wanting that high-waisted suit… So sad that our Target didn’t carry any suits or shoes. 😦


A better view of the finished hair. A bit darker at the roots for some depth and dimension.


My look for a casual date night. Sunglasses are on because we’re just about to walk out the door! My shoes can be found HERE. Everything else is so old.


Sunday, I woke up bright and early ( at 7, early enough for a Sunday!) and headed to Target to shop the Lilly sale.. You can read about my experience about that HERE.

Overall, I have to say it was a very, nice, activity-filled weekend spent with friends and Mr. R!

** I just saw that Zulily has Serena & Lily homegoods and the absolute cutest stuff for babies today! I love their line and find it all so fun and chic. You can take a look HERE if you’re member, or sign up HERE if you’re new to the site!**


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