We’re Parents…

..to a puppy!

Ryan and I are proud and so happy to announce that we have become puppy parents!  Meet the newest member of our family, Cricket!



We kicked around the idea of getting a dog a few times but were never that serious about it. Until, yesterday, when I asked Ryan if he wanted to get a dog and he said, “yeah, as long as it’s ok with your Dad.” Just like that, no begging or bribes on my end. It’s like I was asking if he wanted to go get dinner. It was really that easy. And I’m definitely NOT complaining.

A girl I work with was sweet enough to think of asking us if we wanted a dog – she knew someone that knew someone and so forth. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but after I saw a few pictures of her and I knew she was the last one of her litter, I just couldn’t say no. Her little, pink nose and all white paws pretty much sold me on the idea and I was going to do whatever I had to do to make her mine. Which ended up not being much, like I said earlier.

As soon as we held her, our hearts were mush. And how could they not be? Look at her!!


She is a Mini-Australian Shepherd and Beagle-Terrier mix and she has absolutely won over our hearts in the one night she has lived with us. She only whimpers when she wants to be held. Which is all the time. I’m figuring out that she loves to be held or touched or swaddled in a blanket at all times. Also, the girl can EAT! She chowed down so fast on her food this morning, I felt like I needed to give her another bowl! I think she could’ve ate the whole bag of her puppy chow if I would’ve let her. 

  I can assure this won’t be the last time you see her on the blog. She has pretty much cured my baby fever for now. We love her to pieces and are already enjoying this new adventure. That is until she chews up a pair of my shoes… ; )


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