I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that summer is coming soon. But not so oddly enough, there are flurries outside. Snow. Flurries. Awesome sauce. Not.

But if you know me and you know me well, you know I’ll never let a little weather interfere with doing some online-window-shopping.

Do a few snow flurries got you down? Buy a new snow suit swimsuit cover-up! It seems logical. Right?

Fringed Swim Cover-Up

How cute is this black and white fringed cover-up? And less than $30? Yes please!

'Sweet Vida' Chiffon Slipdress

I love the idea of being able to throw a cover-up over my suit and still be able to run into places and still look put together or at least publicly decent. This Roxy cover-up and a scarf headband like this – would be perfect!

The idea of a maxi cover-up is great for a fashion forward gal. This one from Old Navy is totally speaking my love language. Use code ENJOY for 30% off today and tomorrow.

Batik Dot Terry Cover-Up

And if price were no object, you can bet this tunic would be in my beach bag.

Ikat Medallion Strapless Cover-Up

Or maybe this one too! Ok, definitely this one.


Oh heck, why not just add this one to the list as well.

And we all know what happens when you give a girl a cover-up, she’s going to need a new bag to go with it. Like this one, from Gap.

Now I’m just going to sit here and wait for this snow to disappear from the sky. Or book a one way ticket to Mexico.


One thought on “COVER me UP

  1. Christina Burns says:

    I am crossing my fingers for warm weather here in Iowa soon too!! I swear we are being teased with all the amazing clothes out there but it’s still not nice enough to wear them. I did break down and purchase a swimsuit cover-up though…and I’m loving so many of these you linked!


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