How My Love for Interiors Started…

Growing up as a child, I would often go along with my Dad on his frequent Home Depot trips, they were so frequent, we often called it his second home. But that’s not the point of today’s story, today’s story is about how when I would accompany him on these little adventures, I would usually beg him to buy me residential architectural magazines. Like the ones with floor plans, because for whatever reason I was obsessed at this moment in time with houses. Imagine a 11 year old begging her Dad for a copy of one these magazines.. I can only imagine what the cashier was thinking… An 11 year old wants a magazine filled with floor plans and layouts? How dull. He always said no but bought me a candy bar instead. Probably more suitable for my chubby, 11 year old self anyway.

Now when I think back on this, I think it was the only time he told me, “no,” in all of my 25 years on earth. Isn’t that something? Hey, Dad, I love you and all but I going to blame you for my architectural career never taking off. Or my lack of math skills. Either way.

14 years later my love has shifted from floor plans and layouts to more of the interior aspect of homes. The fun stuff inside the home that elevates your moods and is visually stimulating to the eye. That’s the stuff I like.

The possibility of a home is no where in the near future, but it’s never too early to start getting ideas… First up, kitchens!


The exposed beams, wood floors and shiplap walls add a level of country to this updated kitchen.


While this is not a kitchen (obviously), it’s gorgeous. The huge porch on both levels, the car port, the beautiful entry way.. Dreamy. And it used to look like THIS.


Maybe it’s the wall color, maybe its the light fixtures or perhaps the glass window kitchen cabinets or the wood floors that look natural to the home… I just love it all.


Every kitchen needs a farmhouse sink.


I guess I could fix a few nice meals in this kitchen.


Practical? No, probably not. But absolutely beautiful. All that natural light makes me happy. The backyard is easily accessible, perfect to plant to your own veggies and herbs and cook barefoot in the summer!


Everything about this is perfect. But I would change out the floor to something that looks a little less like a camo.


A little less farmhouse chic and little bit more modern. I have a feeling this would be my husband’s favorite so far. A little more masculine than the rest.

No source found.

Wide open territory! Vaulted ceilings and a great layout.


I think the island is what got me hooked, that color deserves two thumbs up. I would absolutely change out the black splash to a white subway tile. Not digging that little design they got going on.

It took me this long to realize I fancy an all white kitchen. Didn’t even realize it until the end of this post! Ha! I guess I like what I like!


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