White Before Memorial Day?!


Thanks to Pinterest and my own personal style, I have found that a pair of white jeans are eminent in every gals closet. I’ve had the same pair from Gap for the last 4 years. It was time to replenish the stock since mine were getting a little yellow and dingy from washing them with our well-water over the years (gotta love that country living).

I was going to get a pair from J Crew that I really liked but I just couldn’t see spending so much on a pair of jeans that were WHITE. Do you all feel my pain? There is no use investing your hard earned cash in something that can be ruined with something as easy as a spilt glass of vino. Which is where Articles of Society comes into play.

I was perusing Nordstrom the other day and I came across a pair of white jeans for under $55 that had rave reviews. After being totally convinced that I needed these jeans, like yesterday, I hit add to cart and waited until my package showed up. I immediately slipped them on and knew they were definitely going to be part of my closet.

They are soft, stretchy and not see through. Of course don’t go and wear your darkest colored panty with them. They are immensely comfortable and perfect enough for work or play. I’m a bit on the shorter side, ok, I’m 5’2”, and the length is PERFECT! I don’t even need to roll them up. I cannot wait to wear them for the rest of the summer and put some of my white jean Pinterest outfits to work!

You can find the jeans HERE and don’t forget to go through Ebates to get 16% cash back! Yes, 16% which ends tonight so don’t wait too long!!!!


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