Look for Less: Tory Burch Sandals


As much as I love designer duds, I get a pretty great thrill from finding a look-a-like item at a much better price.

About a month ago I was perusing JcPenney’s with my cousin when I came across a pair of sandals from Liz Clairbone that looked similar to a pair I’ve seen from one of my favorites, Tory Burch. As much as I loved her pair, I couldn’t even wrap my head around spending $185 on a pair of sandals. Like, ever. So when I tried these on and realized how incredibly comfortable they were, I knew for the great sale price of $29.99, I had to get them!

Lo and behold about a week later, my cousin texted me telling how much she loved these sandals for work (she’s a teacher and she’s on her feet for 8+ hours a day shaping the brains of young American 🙂 ). She loved them so much she went back and got a second pair and of course, I had her pick me up another pair as well! I now own the gold and black pair and I have to say, SO COMFY.

While they aren’t identical to the Tory Burch pair, they come pretty darn close and at a much, much, much better price.


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