Friday Favorites

Fri-YAY! After this week, I’m beyond happy that it’s finally Friday and I get to sleep in the next two days! And I may just be a little too excited to go hit up Costco tomorrow morning, you know, extremely, exciting, adult things. Kidding… But not.

Don’t be surprised if next week Costco is part of my favorites.. Again, kidding, but you know, not.

This weeks favorites are only slightly more interesting…

OneI’m trying to be a bit more conscious of what I’m eating these days. I’m trying to quit cold turkey on Nutella, it’s actually a lot easier when I have these lil guys around, Special K Pastry Crisps Cookies & Crème flavor. They’re pretty darn tasty and for only 100 calories, they’re definitely a favorite.


On Wednesday night, Ryan and I rented FOCUS. I’ve been wanting to see it mostly because I have a girl crush on Margot Robbie, but it ended up being a pretty good movie. Simple story line, but grrrreat costume designer. And Will Smith wasn’t looking so bad either. If you’re bored this weekend, consider renting it.


After watching Focus and loving the makeup Margot’s character wore, I knew I needed to find a light, berry, stained lip color. I wasted no time and did my research and found Revlon’s Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Whimiscal. I’m pretty smitten with the color and although it’s not the exact shade she wears, I’m loving it with my summer tan and blonde hair right now.



I talked about this one on Tuesday, but I loooove my FitBit!!! You can read about it HERE if you so choose.

FIVEI had to save the best for last, and this is my favorite of all favorites in the history of my favorites. Ready for a let-down? Hahah!  We have our wedding anniversary trip planned and set in stone! The flights are booked and paid for and the hotel reservations are made! We are going to…..


I’m definitely excited for this trip. Ryan has been here a few times before and keeps telling me how amazing this city is and how much I’m going to fall in love with it. Since he knows me best, I’m going to go ahead and say he’s right. I cant wait! We’re going to hit up a Cardinals game and they actually play the Brewer’s, but guess who I’m cheering for? STL, baby!!! Now I’m counting down the days until September! Whoohoo!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Kylie McGraw says:

    Yay for planning a fun trip!! One of my good friends is from St. Louis and I went to a game with her here in DC earlier this year…I wore a Cardinals hat so I was a true fan haha! My mom loves those Special K brownies too 🙂 You should try the cookies and creme Quest bars! 1) They taste amazing and 2) they have a lot of protein and not a lot of sugar so they keep you full!


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