Ok, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little bit crazed with all things Housewives. I have to say, Bravo, you really hit yourself a homerun when you decided to launch this series and turn it into a huge brand. I still remember watching the first season EVER. The original Real Housewives of the O.C, with Jeana Keough (I thought her daughter, Kara, was the prettiest thing EVER.. I may or may not have even tried to friend request her on FB… Allegedly…), Jo de La Rosa (where we get our first look at slime bag, Slade), and of course the original OC Mama herself, Ms, Vicki Gunvalson! I seriously think that woman is a HOOT! My husband on the other hand can’t stand her. Too bad for him.

Did any of you catch last nights episode? Oh em gee. I was DYING. Tamra, Shannon and Vicki all sitting around the table by the pool taking shots of “fireball.” I wanted to be sitting at that table so bad and throwing back shots with those ladies. The 3 of them are hilarious! And dancing to Vicki’s Tahitian cell phone when Heather called? Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing!

View Behind-the-Scenes: The OC 'Wives Travel to Tahiti

This was taken from Shannon’s blog about the waiter not understanding English when ordering “Fireball” shots. Seriously, I’m still dying. “His take on a Fireball was vodka, ice, and a lime wheel on the side. On the first round he called our drink a Fireball, the second round a Fireblast, the third round a Firebush, and I can’t remember any more rounds after that!”

I pretty much love all the girls on this season, except for maybe Megan. I think she’s pretty, but there’s just something a bit “off” about her. Maybe saying that she wished her step-kids were her own kids? Well, they’re not and crying about it makes you look cray. Like, really cray-cray.

Anyway, anyone want to go to Tahiti?


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