It’s 65 degrees in Wisconsin in August. It feels glorious and fall-like and I already took the pleasure of adding Pumpkin Spice creamer to my coffee this morning. It took a lot for me to not wear riding boots today but I decided on Tory Burch flats instead. The time will come for my beloved boots. And I hope that time is soon.

I am your basic white girl when it comes to Fall; Starbucks, Ugg boots, leggings, North Face. I cant help it. And I won’t.

Last night was a favorite, it was windy and breezy and cool enough to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. I was able to wear oversized sweatpants and not melt. I even added cute striped socks to keep me warm enough. I could live every day with Fall weather.

I’m trying to contain myself and not decorate my house with any pumpkins until September 1st. But if this weather keeps up, it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. I’ve  been making purchases at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx for a few fall things here and there and storing them in various places throughout the house (so a certain Mister doesn’t see).


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