Fur-ry Nice To Meet You & Other Fall Things

My closet, a lot like my home, gets a few new decorations of it’s own with each season. For example, this summer I went a bit nuts on sandals and shorts since those are what I needed the most. I also knew I wanted to add sundresses and I didn’t hold back. But with fall, I have some very key pieces I would like to add. I’m good with jeans and sweaters and scarfs, just need some extra “pop” in a few pieces that I’m looking to add to my wardrobe that can bring me into winter and throughout.

Starting with….


Fur Vest – Last year I noticed these popping up and wasn’t sure I was really loving the idea… Now, I’m totally on the trend train for this piece. Except, there is a struggle in finding one that’s “just right.” Not too fake fur looking, not too gaudy and not over the top and not black. I’m leaning towards more of a brown/beige fleck color. I’m currently on the hunt for one, so if you spot one, let me know!


Fringe Booties – Last year, I bought a pair of non-fringe booties at Target and I wore the CRAP out of them. I am preserving them because I love them so much and want to wear them again this season. I really don’t mind if there’s a beer stain or two on them from a Sam Hunt concert. Gives them character.

This year, I would like to add another pair of booties – this time with a little edge. And by edge, I mean fringe! I LOVE the look of the swinging fringe with every step. It’s so fun! I’ve seen a few styles but they were either sold out or not my favorite color. I am very particular when it comes to my browns. And I definitely don’t think I’d want them in black. I’m thinking more of a putty color.


Riding Boots (new pair) – Last year I did NOT buy a pair of riding boots contrary to popular belief (i.e. from my husband). I repeat, I DID NOT buy a pair of riding boots. I may have 5 pairs at home of various shades of brown but sometimes, a girl just needs to indulge herself with a new pair. And this is that ‘sometime.’ I’m looking at Frye’s from 6pm.com and there are definitely a few that I’m thinking about. I love an October birthday for this exact reason.

Long Sleeve T’s – I am TERRIBLE at buying long sleeve anything unless it’s a sweater. I’m not sure why, but I just never liked to spend money on basic, boring, long sleeve shirts. Well, this is the season that will change. Because I need them to wear under my fur vest. Duh. 🙂


Los Gatos Patagonia Vest – I keep seeing these images on Pinterest, my mecca for all things fashion. I don’t think I can go another season without one of these in my closet. Another reason I need to haul some long sleeve t’s into my drawers. Preferably with stripes or pattern.


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