Friday Favorites

It’s Friday. I’m tired. Tomorrow I’m sleeping in until my dog wakes me up. So probably 6 AM. I’m definitely still feeling the effects from my brother’s wedding (it was worth it) but I’m learning that I definitely cant handle my liquor as well as I used to. With age comes wisdom, huh? #makingmommaproud

Crystal Faye – Have you guys ever heard of this? If you love monograms and pastels as much as I do, you will love this site! It is FILLED with clothing, scarves, hats, bags, koozies, toddler clothes, Converse, rain boots; pretty much anything that doesn’t have a heartbeat can and will be monogrammed on this site. I’m 99% sure, I already know what I’m getting myself for my birthday.

Pumpkin Picks Body Care. Shop.

Bath & Body Works – I know it’s not technically fall yet, but that wont stop me and all the other basic girls in the world from rejoicing for all things pumpkin. There is hardly any scent I love more than pumpkin. I want to smell it in my house, in my car, in my office and then after that I want to eat it and I definitely want to slap it on my body so it can follow me wherever I go and other people can enjoy it as much as I do. Because, sharing is caring. With alllll of that being said, Bath & Body Works has once again released their fall scents online and in stores. I’m patiently waiting for some free time so I can go and scoop up everything a few items.

And speaking of Pumpkin Spice.. Here’s an article about deep fried PSL… Yes, you read that right. I’m crazy about fall but I don’t think I’m insane.

Starbucks will be releasing the drink on September 8th. Which kind of feels way too far away for me. I really wish they would get on the same wavelength the rest of us fall-loving people and realize that September 1st is the beginning of fall and that should be the day it’s released. Someone start a petition.

Fur Vest F21 has been hitting it out of the park for me lately! I have been finding a lot of cute things (and ordering them) and so far I’m 5-for-5 on loving everything. I have a faux fur vest coming in the mail from them and I hope it’s as good as the other items I ordered were!

I talked about wanting one these earlier in the week and I’m so glad I stumbled across this. It looks so soft and I cant wait to wear this fall! The best part, it’s less than $40!

Photo 2015-08-17, 9 41 30 PM

Photo 2015-08-17, 9 41 04 PM

Last but not least, my girl, Jillian Harris ( you may know her from Love It or List It Two or a little show called The Bachelor) is a fan of Stella & Dot! Who would’ve known! I love this look that she paired with the Waverly Petite in Slate Grey. I already know what outfit I’m going to be rocking this weekend thanks for this lovely inspiration pic!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. katie says:

    I found your blog through the momfessionals Friday link up + I love it!! I adore the fall season and all things pumpkin (mainly the PSL) 😉 but I do love b&bw’s lovely fall scents. And those outfits are so cute!! -Katie


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