Friday Favorites


Well hello! I feel like it’s been a few weeks since I chimed in on a Friday to tell you all my current favorites and loves – so now is as good as time as any! We’re going to start this weekend off right and on a happy note!


Hunter Ladies' Original Tall Matte Rain Boot-Green

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you probably didn’t catch my post about Hunter Boots being on sale for $79.99!!!!! Wait, what? Yes, that’s like almost half-price!

 Costco (yes, Costco!) has these beauties currently in stock and the price is almost too good to be true and it’s taking every last bone in my body not to order a pair for myself. But because I know Christmas is coming, it’s not the time to indulge in any shopping pleasures for myself. The season is about giving (who am I?)!

If you know anyone who has these on their list, then definitely scoop them up. Most colors have either size 5 or 11 and above in stock but I did notice the green pair to have a variety of sizes available.


Have you guys ever heard of MYHABIT? Or am I totally behind on the times? I stumbled upon this wonderful site which is similar to Zulily and backed by Amazon, the other day and I have to say, bravo! (Insert clapping emoji here)

MICHAEL Michael Kors

I happened to stumble upon it the day where they were featuring Michael Kors bags and while they had some great deals that I reeeeeally wanted to scoop up, I refrained yet again because, I know Christmas is coming and I have prezzies to buy for loved ones!

The good news is, if you’re in the market for a new Michael Kors, the sale does goes until November 2nd so there is still time to get your shop on!



The other day I mentioned that I was going to make chocolate covered Oreos, well, I held true to my word but unfortunately I am not as good in the kitchen as I thought I was. I had a few gloppy, chunky Oreo’s and Ryan came to the rescue. I got lucky with that man, who knew he could melt chocolate and sprinkle so good?


britta brooke

Finally, my last favorite for the week is GIRL TIME! Tonight I’m meeting up for a proper date night with the lovely Britta. My enemy-turned-bff. Funny how that always ends up being the case with us girls, huh? Glad we got over our differences because her and I have the best time together and unfortunately for me, she plans on moving to Texas within the next few months and that leaves me crushed. Thankfully, I will now have a reason and a person to visit in one of my Bucket List states!!! 🙂

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Can’t wait to party with the pirates tomorrow and pictures to come next week sometime! ❤



Fall Confessions

Halloween is fast approaching I have a few things I need to get off my chest…

  1. Halloween is way more fun as a child. Dressing up for work is kind of weird and probably frowned upon in the corporate world.
  2. Everyone is on a “diet” so treats are few and far between. #iwantasnickers
  3. I’m allergic to apples but I would seriously KILL for a caramel apple with all the toppings. I’m almost willing to risk my throat closing up for one. Almost.
  4. There is a fine line between cute & slutty for costumes. I have a hard time finding that line.
  5. The most fall-ish thing I’ve done this year was get a PSL at Starbucks. Tis the season.
  6. I really want to watch Hocus Pocus.
  7. Halloween kind of sucks in the northern states, you don’t know if you will be wearing a snow suit or a swim suit for the holiday.
  8. I hate scary movies and the previews that are on during this time of year make me close my eyes and plug my ears. Watching tv is totally unsafe when you’re home alone during this time.
  9. I’ve never lived in a house or residence that got Trick or Treaters. I feel deprived of seeing all the cute kiddos in their costumes.
  10. I think pumpkin pie for breakfast is totally acceptable since it’s a vegetable. Or a fruit. Or something like that.

Trick or Treat(s)

This upcoming weekend is one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! Although I have done a terrible job at celebrating it this season, I am excited for this weekends Pirate Party. I at first thought I was going to go as Little Red Riding Hood but may be trading that costume in for Hunter wellies and a warm jacket because the forecast is calling for 70% chance of rain. Womp. Womp. Womp.

I wont let a little rain stop me from making some treats to take along with me though! I decided chocolate covered everything was going to be on the menu.

First up, white chocolate covered Oreo’s.

How cute are those mummies in the last pic? Hmmm… The idea gears are turning! 🙂

Next up is chocolate covered Nutter Butters… Oh, how adorable!

Those all look so yummy. I plan on making them tonight so I hope they make it til the weekend. Wouldn’t want any ‘disappearing acts’ to happen from now until then… Ya know?

If candy is more your thing and you’re trying to watch the waist line, then take a look at this helpful chart I found…

I’m happy to know my favorite, Reese’s Pumpkins, made the most healthy list… I may or may not have eaten a whole 6 pack in one sitting on more than one occasion. Whoops.