11 Things About Camping


Am I alive? I’m relieved to let you all know that I survived the wilderness. I know you were all very worried. And now your next question is going to be if I liked it? Well, as someone who works hard for their money and likes to be clean and warm, I can say, no, I do not like pretending to be homeless for a few days and calling it a “vacation.” Ain’t no way that’s relaxing.

There are a few things about this camping trip that I want you all to know…

  1. It’s fun for the first 20 minutes. Then you just want to go home and wash your face with your Clarisonic and go sleep in a clean bed.
  2. We were woken up both mornings at 6:30 by louder than hell gun shots being fired literally outside of our tent. Nothing says WAKE UP faster than duck hunting season starting. Fun times.
  3. Some thing’s in life are just once-in-a-lifetime type things. I hope camping is one of them.
  4. There’s is nothing fun about having to get up at 4 AM to have to go to the bathroom by yourself in the pitch black.
  5. Especially when word got around that there was a bear sighting on the other side of the campground earlier in the day. (See #3)
  6. There will be no “next time…”
  7. There is nothing relaxing about camping. Absolutely nothing.
  8. If you want to eat, you have to work for it. Really, really hard.
  9. Oh, you want hot water? You better start a fire and wait 45 minutes until it starts to boil, then you can have coffee – but it will be cold in 2 minutes flat.
  10. Alcohol and naps are the only way I survived this trip. Drink a lot, take a nap, forget your camping. Repeat.
  11. Every time you hear a rustle of leaves or a branch break outside your tent you immediately think your life is over and going to be ended by either a hungry bear or a crazed masked murderer.

Night one: Ryan preparing dinner


Remember when I said camping wasn’t relaxing?


Cricket was just as relieved as I was to get home.


We took a few nature walks to pass the time.


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