Cape Talk

I have always loved Halloween. As a child my Mom would throw my brother and I Halloween parties complete with piñatas and Halloween themed food. Graveyard dirt cake anyone? And she always made sure we had the best costumes. I’d also be lying if I said I don’t fondly remember the Halloween movies Disney Channel would have on during this time of year ; Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus, just to name a few.

Now that we’re older, my parents throw a Halloween bash at their campsite every year with their friends. It’s appropriately named “Pirate Fest.” If you can’t figure it out by the name, everyone dresses as a pirate, they have a pirate “ship” (a small fishing boat), a canon, and if you weren’t familiar with them, you’d think Captain Morgan generously sponsored this party – but they’re just keeping with the theme… Whiskey slinging pirates!

Also, if you cant tell, my Dad’s favorite part of Disney World is the Pirate’s of the Caribbean. He really resembles Johnny Depp, no?


My Dad, er, Captain Morgan and his “pirate ship,” the S.S. Rum Runner.


Mom & Dad in 2013

Now that we’re 3 weeks out from Halloween, I have started to put some serious thought into my costume. As much I think I would enjoy sailing the high seas with my fellow pirates, I just don’t think a pirates life is a life for me. Did you see what I did there?

Anyway, the other day I got some serious Halloween inspiration when I sported this outfit…


A cape.

I felt a little fairytale-ish in the most basic way and thus, my Halloween idea was born.

What if this cape was red, my favorite color? And what if I carried a basket? And perhaps I had a little 4-legged friend follow me around and tell me, “my what big ear’s you have?”

Do you all see where I’m getting at yet?

This is my take on the modern day Little Red Riding Hood; a red Louis Vuitton cape. Chalk this up as a NEED. I’ll probably choose something a little more outdoor and kid friendly and not an $8,000 poncho, but it’s nice to know I have options.

**For what it’s worth, I would totally wear that cape for occasions besides Halloween**

I will now be spending the next three weeks crafting up a costume that will meet my criteria; warm, cute and cozy. And the wolf? Well, I just so happen to have the cutest puppy in the world who will be playing the part. I tried to get my husband to join me but he insists on wearing this costume again…


He’s one of a kind.


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