Baby It’s Cold Outside…

A little early for Christmas jingles but geeeeeez! It’s FAH-REEZING! It’s seriously so cold and my mile walk in to work (ok its not really a mile, more like a half milie) makes it so much worse!! Nothing says “good morning” like 20 mph winds in your face. It’s fun. Or not really.

Since it’s so cold, my toosh is in “find-warm-jacket” mode and it’s kicked into high gear. I’ve been on the hunt for a long, down jacket for awhile now and it’s no easy feat. I want something that’s still cute and doesn’t make me look like I’m 50 pounds heavier but keeps me warm. Although, I might sacrifice ‘cute’ for warmth. Ok, I definitely will sacrifice cute for warmth. And here are my picks… Just waiting for a sale on these things! They don’t come cheap!

Down & Feather Fill Coat with Faux Fur TrimI love this military green. A nice alternative to black everyone else wears.

Larry Levine $139.90

Faux Fur Trim Down & Feather Fill Parka (Regular & Petite)

I love this coat. It looks polished and warm at the same time.

Larry Levine $119.90

If I can convince my husband that his wifey needs to stay warm, I think this jacket may be coming to mama!

Kenneth Cole $156.99

This jacket is just plain fun! And practical, of course.

Kensie $169.99

Ok, a few less trips to Starbucks and Ulta and I should be able to afford one of these babies in about…. a week!

Stay warm my friends!


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