A Short Tale About Java

What a week it has been. Oh wait, it’s only Tuesday. Fabulous.

It’s nothing a little lot of coffee in my cup can’t fix. And speaking of which, I’m so happy to announce that I have a new go-to drink at Starbucks. I know, it’s not earth shattering by any means but no one else cares to listen to me ramble on about coffee. Which is what I think this post is going to be about today. I haven’t really decided but it seems to be going in that general direction… So without further adieu, let’s talk about java!

This past weekend I was in need of espresso. Actually, that’s more like every day, but whatevs. Go with it.. After I got done at the gym on Sunday morning, I was thinking how great it would be to run through Starbucks, so of course, I did – without hesitation.

My usual drink of choice is a grande Skinny Vanilla Latte. So yummy and satisfying without so many calories and it seems to get the job done. Well, this particular day I wanted to switch it up so I tried a café latte with a pump of sugar free vanilla. To be honest, it tasted like my usual drink but it was cheaper and it definitely gave me more of a jolt. So hats off to that!

I’ve now had 3 since Sunday and it’s been wonderful.

 And that’s pretty much where this story ends.

Wasn’t it fascinating?


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