Friday Favorites

Let’s just preface by saying this has been one heck of a week and I’m damn happy to see that the end is near! I’ll just tell you the major things that have happened this week; I found out I’ll be needing a major surgery the day before Thanksgiving, I ended up losing my phone in the parking lot at the gym (thankfully it was turned in without a scratch but knowing that I may have had to cough up $600 for a new one made me want to barf) and then our oven/stove took a dump last night in the middle of me cooking dinner and baking a pumpkin pie. I’m almost positive that the chicken parmigiana I ate last night was raw. But hey, no e. coli poisoning yet! But I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the topping on this weeks cake. Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! I hope this is enough excitement for me for awhile.

There have also been some upsides to this week as well, I think. Let’s be honest, I bought a few things online the other day (because I needed retail therapy) to save me from having a nervous breakdown. I’d like to think I was doing my husband and everyone around me a major service by doing so. So, you’re all very welcome.

The upsides;

I’m officially addicted to Ladies of London on Bravo. Definitely a huge, huge fan of their style and that accent. Caroline Stanbury (on the far left) is my favorite. I may just have to chop my hair like hers. I also find myself drinking more tea as of late. I wonder if it’s related…

I also wonder if Kate Middleton watches? I can probably take a good guess and say that she would probably laugh at that question. So, no?

The other day I was getting my hair done and came across a new product by Redken called Quick Tease. I figured I’d give it a shot and it turns out it’s amazing if you like to tease your hair up a bit. Just spray a little on the roots of your dry hair and then back comb. Bam, instant lift!

I know Thanksgiving is well on it’s way to being here, but I’m just going to have to bypass that holiday and just go right into Christmas decorations (FAVORITE!) at the Retherford attic loft. I’m afraid I just wont be feeling up to it after the surgery and I want to come home to a nicely decorated, cozy, abode. Is now a good time to tell you I’ve already been blaring the Christmas tunes as well? Michael Buble Holiday and Jessica Simpson’s Christmas albums are my fave! Has she ever looked better?

This weekend we’re heading out to dinner with some friends and then Saturday I’m going to try persuade someone to take me to Nordstrom, do some Christmas decorating and celebrating my Grandma’s 80th birthday on Sunday! I’m really looking forward to this weekend and I can’t be happier to say….



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