It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.

Bonus points if you just sang along to that title.

You know that saying, ‘when it rains it, it pours.’ It seems to be my life lately. But I really am not complaining because there has been far better things to happen to me this year than there have been bad. And for that I am thankful.

On Tuesday I found out I will be having my second surgery this year thanks to my Crohn’s Disease. This one will be a little more serious than my last one and a hell of a lot more painful, but I’m hoping it will be better than I’m expecting. Except that I’ve had this surgery once before and all I can remember is waking up and feeling like someone catapulted a bowling ball out of a canon and into my stomach and then ran over me with a school bus. It really is the best way to describe it. Can you feel my pain?

This wonderful experience will be taking place the day before Thanksgiving. It sounds terrible right? I wont be able to spend the holiday eating 5,000 calories in one sitting and making small talk with 3rd cousins in a cafeteria with 75 of my closest relatives, I know. It’s sad. But if you know me, (and this is terrible) I’m most sad that I wont be able to do Black Friday Shopping. Or eat pumpkin pie.

Seriously. What is wrong with me?

Thank goodness for iPhones and Wi-Fi. I’m not about to miss out on the sales. I wonder what I have to do to get clearance to leave for a little while? Eh, probably not the best idea to battle Black Friday crowds with fresh wounds.

Anyway, all I really just want a milk foamer.

Is that weird? That’s kind of weird. That has got to be a sign that I’m officially an old, married lady now.

Oh geez, make it stop.

But I really want a milk foamer. So, Mom, if you’re reading this – just know you’re favorite daughter will be helpless and lying in a hospital bed, in the worst pain of her life, and she wants a milk foamer. And maybe some pumpkin pie. And probably some Starbucks by this point.

Anyway, as much as I know this surgery is going to suck (sorry for lack of a better word), I know it will be helpful in the long run and will hopefully have me feeling better once I’m healed and then it’s off to Florida for a week in January.

Every (rain) cloud has a silver lining, right? ; )


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