Weekend Review

Friday afternoon I received my flu shot and I’m pretty sure that’s what catered to my 102 temperature, nauseating headache and my non-stop sleeping this weekend. Fun times!

I managed to push myself on Saturday morning and set up some Christmas decorations, thinking that my headache would dissipate after some movement and productivity. No such luck. So I got to spend my time on the couch admiring the Christmas decorations I slaved over set up in 5 minutes.


A few weekends ago, I went to TJ Maxx and found myself loving their home goods section. I seriously can’t contain myself when I’m there. They have the best selection for decorations, especially, seasonal items like the framed linen canvas above. The stockings are from Pottery Barn last Christmas and I got the stocking holders from Hobby Lobby after Christmas. They’re not the cutest but they we’re a $1.75 each, so why not!


I also picked up this ‘Believe’ pillow at TJ Maxx and I looooove it. Oddly enough it’s the only thing Ryan said he liked of my Christmas decorations. I guess he’s not a fan of my decorating.



 I always love this time of year and setting up Christmas decorations, I hate when they have to come down – the house feels so empty and sad. But this little vignette is so fun to set up with every holiday, it’s definitely becoming increasingly more fun to re-do with the changing seasons and I’m already scheming for what I can do for Valentine’s Day… But I might just hold off and enjoy this present season for now!


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