Lust List: Anthropologie

I’ve long been a fan of Anthropologie and it’s eclectic style. You never exactly what you’re going to find but you know you’re going to find something that you love and will think about it long after you left the store.

The few pieces I have owned from them have gotten me tons of compliments from people I know and love, to mere strangers on the street. See, fashion can bring people together!

Here are just a few things I’m eying up from them at this moment.. But mostly those shoes… GASP.

Lust List

  1. Those Jeffrey Campbell booties are just ah-maze-ing.
  2. You never go wrong with a neutral off the shoulder sweater.
  3. I’ve heard rave reviews about Current/Elliot jeans and these look fantastic.
  4. The detail in this necklace will add life to any plain top.
  5. Winter is here and you need something to keep those little ears warm. Might as well make it a cute hat! The black is pretty too.
  6. I love the simplicity of this gold knotted ring. Perfect for the pointer finger.



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