5 Months Post-Op

Well, hello. It’s been some time since I’ve sat down to write here – actually, that’s kind of a complete lie because I’ve started a few blog posts here and there but never actually finished them or posted them. Obviously.

The last time I wrote, I think I was just about to head in for a surgery for my Crohn’s Disease. I’ve definitely experienced more exciting and fun things in life. I can’t remember too much of the recovery because it was 5 months ago and I was completely hopped up on Percocet. It’s a wonderful drug. I don’t think the recovery was all too bad because I was hanging up new curtains in our kitchen a week later. Climbing around on a ladder. Unsupervised. On painkillers. With a 5 inch, freshly cut incision on my belly is really the best idea out there, right?

But I survived.

I thought this blog deserved a little update and I’m thinking about taking it in a new direction to directly correlate with my Crohn’s Disease. Of course, I’m still going to talk makeup and fashion, but I have realized that there is really a lack of blogs out there to help girls like me who are battling Crohn’s Disease and chronic illnesses daily. Sometime’s we feel alone and I kind of want to create a space where we can talk openly and freely about things we all battle daily that others might not understand. It might be fun?

Let me know in the comments!