Bucket List: Travel

Growing up I wanted to be Samantha Brown, you may remember her from the Travel Channel’s TV show, Great Hotels. She pretty much had the worlds best job. She traveled around the world staying in amazing hotels and experiencing different cultures. Dream job indeed!

Since I don’t see that career opportunity taking off for me anytime soon and being a flight attendant didn’t work out as planned, I have compiled my Bucket List of places to see – which ultimately has me planning my next vacation, so Ryan start packing (and saving?)!

  1. European Cruise – I want to see a lot of Europe in a little bit of time so I think that this is the perfect way to do just that. Places I hope to hit are Italy, Spain, Portugal, London and Germany.
  2. British Virgin Islands – Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke Island and Tortola are all on the list to see!
  3. Breckenridge, Colorado – I’d love to try my hand at skiing. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just soak in the hot tub all day.
  4. Paris – What girl doesn’t dream of seeing the Eifel Tower all lit up at night? Or, you know, shopping on the famous Avenues Champs-Elysees!
  5. Las Vegas – I know some of you are rolling your eyes at this one but I just want to go for a quick weekend to see what it’s all about. And perhaps I also want to catch Celine Dion or Britney Spears in action.
  6.  Nashville, Tennessee – We toyed around with this idea for my Bachelorette party but it just didn’t work out. I think a girls trip is in order. It’s only an 8 hour drive from Wisconsin anyway!
  7. Dallas/Austin, Texas – Technically I have walked on Dallas soil but I don’t think seeing the inside of the DFW airport counts as a visit.
  8. Alberta, Canada – You’re probably thinking, huh? why? But if you Google image ‘Lake Louise in Banff National Park’, I bet you’ll want to hitch a ride. Here’s a visual:
  9. Dubai, UAE – I doubt I will ever be able to cross this one off my list, but ohhhh how I wish I could.
  10. Key West, Florida – I’ve never really had the itch to visit, but after looking at possible vacations for this winter, this place pretty much has me hooked! Hoping I can cross this guy off next!
  11. New York City at Christmastime – We’ve all seen Home Alone and I really want to be able to do Christmas shopping here! : )
  12. Sao Paulo, Brasil – I have a lovely lady patiently awaiting a visit from me!
  13. Savannah, Georgia – If you’ve ever seen pictures, you would know it looks like the setting of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Yes ma’am.
  14. Charleston, South Carolina – Can you tell I really want to visit the South?
  15. St. Louis, Missouri – Still have yet to visit…

Places I’ve Been Already:

  1. New York City
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. Riviera Maya, Mexico
  7. Memphis, Tennessee
  8. San Diego, California
  9. Los Angeles, California
  10. Indianapolis, Indiana
  11. Fort Myers, Florida
  12. Columbus, Ohio – Go Buckeyes!

That’s all I can think of for now. My brain is FRIED and I know there are still a million more places I want to see. Looks like this will be an ongoing compilation!


On Hoosier Time.

mondays Can I give my two weeks notice for adulthood now or nah?

Ok, I guess being an adult isn’t so bad, but if I could have the summers off, that’d be great. But, if I can’t get the summers off, I guess the weekends will have to do. As long as they are all spent like last weekend…

In Indiana.

By the pool.

With the family.

And babies and puppies.

And of course, alcohol.

It was a lot like what I hope heaven will be someday. Minus the 6 hour drive there and back. That shiz is for the birds. #roadtripsaintforeveryone

If you still don’t get the picture, I have a few for you to enjoy!

IMG_6994This little guy is the newest addition to the Retherford clan. We totally planned on wearing stripes together. #twinsies


And Miss Aubree is as adorable as ever with her little ears pierced and that sass!


Cricket seemed to get a lot of R & R this trip. Clearly her life is stressfull.

IMG_6914 IMG_6919 IMG_6923 IMG_6946And I of course cant not take pictures of my niece and nephew poolside. Especially if they involve Uncle Rynie or Grandpa.

IMG_6949You guys, this baby is SOOOO good. If you didn’t see this kid around, you wouldn’t even know he was there. I can honestly say I never even heard him full-out cry, a few whimpers but that was it. He’s totally content just staring at himself in the mirror. Which may or may not be a trait he get’s from his Daddy. ; )

IMG_6940Cricket had her first swim lesson with Grandpa Barry. Safe to say, she hated it. Guess we wont be expecting any Olympic gold medals from this dog.


And if all the naps in Indiana weren’t enough, Cricket spent the entire 6 hour drive home sleeping.

I could definitely use more weekends like that in my life. If only Indiana wasn’t so far away!


Have you guys ever heard of AirBnB? My cousin told me about it a few years ago already and has used it to travel to Mexico and Seattle. It’s basically an alternative to staying in hotels  – complete with all the comforts of home. Because it’s actually someones home! There are places all over the world where people are renting out their homes or apartments for people to use throughout the year. Most of them have reviews so you can make sure you’re staying in a legit place.

I personally love the concept, you can travel to a new city, state or even country and feel like a local while staying somewhere a little less touristy than a hotel. You can rent a single room, shared room or a whole apartment or home, whatever your preference, AirBnB has it.

I just recently found out about Rosemary Beach, Florida. It’s near Destin and it is dreamy! I wish we could get a group of 8 friends together and rent out this place… A whole house for a week would be about $315/person – which includes a cleaning and service fee. There’s a pool, it’s steps away from the beach and you can make your own meals in your very own kitchen and the whole house is gorgeous. What’s not to love?

If you’re looking for something a little less ocean side, you could always try Denver, Colorado. Gather up 16 of your closest friends and rent out this gorgeous mountain home to hit the slopes. It comes to $217 a person for the week. Not too shabby.

Or if you’re looking for a nice little getaway with your loved one for a special one year wedding anniversary (oh hey, Ryan!), a little trip to Savannah might be just the ticket! A 4-night stay in this gorgeous apartment near Forsyth Park and River Street. Beautiful.

I’m hoping I can put AirBnB to use sometime soon! I am definitely chomping at the bit to do some traveling. I’ve been stuck in the cold, dreary state of Wisconsin since January and I’m getting a little stir crazy!